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Solis Women's Health H.E.B.

Solis Women's Health H.E.B.
1615 Hospital Pkwy, Suite 108, Bedford, TX 76022
Phone: 817-857-2800 | Toll Free: 866-717-2551 | Fax: 817-857-2811

Convenience, Accuracy and Compassion

In Professional Office Building 1 on Texas Health HEB Hospital Campus

There has been new road closures due to the  construction on Highway 183 - The eastbound frontage road from Central Drive to West Park Way will be closed Tuesday April 22 from 7 a.m to 7 p.m.  Druring this time all traffic will be redirected south on Central Drive to Central Park Blvd./Tiibbets Drive.

At Solis Women's Health we are dedicated exclusively to the earliest possible detection of breast cancer. At our H.E.B. Center patients can expect a level of professional attention and personal care not found anywhere else. The Solis Women's Health H.E.B. Center is a comprehensive breast imaging center providing the full range of breast screening and diagnostic services.

All breast exams are performed by experienced staff members who will make your mammogram as comfortable as possible. They are highly trained, utilizing state-of-the art digital technology. At the H.E.B. Center, your mammogram will be read by a radiologist who specializes only in breast imaging.

They have received extensive special training and have years of experience in recognizing every variable imaginable in breast imaging.

Our H.E.B. Center is one of eleven Solis Women's Health Mammography centers in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex where the highest quality of care and expertise in breast diagnosis has been an important part of our area's healthcare for over twenty years.


The FEM Center
Joseph McWherter, M.D.
Alan M. Unell, MD
Mary Brian, MD
Mai Sharaf, M.D.
Ted Preston M.D.
Chantal Spurdon, MD
Gilda Cipriano, MD
Manisha Parikh, MD
Kristen Vallery, MD