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Solis Women's Health at Denton Regional Professional Building

Solis Women's Health at Denton Regional Professional Building
3537 South I 35E, Suite 211, Denton, TX 76210
Phone: 940-382-5400 | Toll Free: 866-717-2551 | Fax: 940-382-5477


The “Peace of Mind Mammogram”™ at Solis Women’s Health

Exceptional Experience; Exceptionally Accurate Results

At Solis Women's Health we are dedicated exclusively to providing women with an exceptional mammography experience while ensuring that their mammography results are exceptionally accurate. At our Denton Center patients can expect a level of professional attention and personal care not found anywhere else.  The partnership between Solis and Denton Regional Medical Center only enhances your mammography experience.  The Solis Mammography Center at Denton Regional Hospital is a comprehensive breast imaging center providing the full range of breast screening and diagnostic services.

All breast exams are performed by experienced staff members who will make your mammogram as comfortable as possible. They are highly trained and  utilize state-of-the art digital mammography epquipment. At the Denton Center, your mammogram will be read by a radiologist who specializes only in breast imaging.

Your breast Radiologist has received extensive special training in breast imaging and has years of experience in recognizing every variable imaginable in breast diagnostics.

Solis Mammography Center at Denton Regional Medical Center is one of twelve Solis Women's Mammography centers in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex where the highest quality of care and expertise in breast diagnosis has been an important part of our area's healthcare for over twenty years.

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